Choose your Mercedes-Benz car cover

Choose your Mercedes-Benz car cover

Choose your Mercedes-Benz car cover


Confezioni Andrea Group is the official license partner for Mercedes-Benz car covers. The company has a history of nearly 50 years in the world of car covers where passion, workmanship, and attention to detail have made Confezioni Andrea the undisputed leader of an increasingly demanding market.

The brand philosophy is based on three essential principles, which have been followed for many generations: quality of work, quality of product, quality of service.

Made in Italy, innovation and tradition are key factors that make the cover concepts incomparable to others and market leading in terms of avant-garde and elegant design.

With the Mercedes-Benz car covers, Confezioni Andrea creates an exceptional customer experience merging first-class workmanship with innovative fabrics and sophisticated design.


Special Edition G-Class:

For the 40th anniversary of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class (G-Wagon) a special edition cover with a unique print, reflecting the heritage and exceptionality of this car, has been developed in collaboration with the Mercedes-Benz G-Class product management. It is a fully printed fabric highlighting the distinctive design of the car while preserving the classical characteristics. A timeless cover that only a timeless, iconic vehicle can wear. #strongerthantime

G-Class Cross-Country Vehicle W463 Special Edition



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